Software rules the world !

Rudy Vissers

This is the company page of a software developer! A programmer! The name of my limited is VSolutions. VSolutions is based in Belgium and in Walloon Brabant more precisely. Province_of_Walloon_BrabantVSolutions was started in 2010, just after Sun Microsystems was sold to Oracle. It was for me an opportunity to start my own freelance business.

Who am I ? 47 years old and a very friendly, opened and young minded person. I know something on software development. I know something on a lot of topics! My motivation is to learn, learn more, continue to learn! Why ? Money ? Fame ? My motivation behind learning and behind software development is that it makes me happy. Happiness is my day to day motivation.

What can I do for you ?  I can help you in the development of your software. It is already a lot!

How can you reach me ?

Rudy Vissers
(Java) Software Developer and Information Technology consultant
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im Yahoo : rudy_vissers